Grow your SLP or OT Private Practice to Full-Time Income.

Create an Impact on Your Community.

Reclaim Your Free Time (and family time)

Learn exactly how to take your private practice to the next level with a hand-selected cohort of clinicians.

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  • You want to scale your private practice but aren’t sure how.

  • You feel overwhelmed and wish you had more time. 

  • You’re working harder than ever but aren’t growing like you had hoped.

  • You’re realizing that growing a business can be harder than starting one.

  • You're worried about burning-out or burning down your business, but you know sustainable business growth is possible.

Most private practice owners in growth mode struggle with one or more of the following problems::

  • Problem #1: Not Enough Clients or Referrals
  • Problem #2: Not Enough Income to Be Profitable 
  • Problem #3: Too Many Clients and Not Enough Time to See Them


If this sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve entered The Messy Middle.

The Messy Middle is well… messy. There are big decisions to make that you may not feel equipped to make. There is inconsistent income. There are busy days and sleepless nights.
You might have thought that growth would be easier! 
Getting your first few clients takes work, but the rush of excitement is undeniable. Then once you start growing your caseload, you realize that you actually need business structure in order to keep a sustainable practice (both for your finances *and* mental wellbeing) 
When it comes to navigating the Messy Middle - the trick is to avoid staying here and to work through it as quickly and efficiently as possible, which is exactly what I want to help you do. 😉

I’ve helped over 10,000 clinicians just like you create and grow their dream private practice.
You’re not alone (I promise).
Everything you want is possible…especially when you have the right support systems in place.

"Successful private practices don't grow themselves."

Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-SLP 
Creator, The Grow Your Private Practice Program

Don't Try to Grow Your Private Practice Without This Blueprint!

Learn the 5 Factors You Need to Grow a Steady and Sustainable Practice

Introducing The Grow Your Private Practice Coaching Program

Grow Your Impact
Grow Your Income. 
Grow Your Team.
The Grow Your Private Practice Program is a 6-month coaching program specifically for SLP and OT private practice owners who are ready to increase their income and their impact.

Join a small, hand-selected group of clinicians who are exactly where you are in their business journey.

Enrollment is only open a few times a year, and limited spots are available.

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Introducing The Grow Your Private Practice 
Coaching Program

Grow Your Client Base. Grow Your Income.
Grow Your Team.
The Grow Your Private Practice Program is a 6-month coaching program specifically for SLP and OT private practice owners who are ready to increase their income and their impact.


This IS for you if:


✓ You want to go full-time with your private practice in the next 12 months

✓ You’re beyond the beginner level (3+ clients) and you’re ready for more.

✓ You’re ready to commit to doing to the work to get the results

This is NOT for you if:


✗ You have fewer than 3 clients

✗ You're already making $150k+ and focused on multi-disciplinary hiring

✗ You can't invest time and money in your business right now


I’ve been in your shoes, which is why I’m dedicated to helping you grow without letting you make the mistakes so many private practitioners make!

After helping thousands of SLPs and OTs start their private practice, the need to help private practitioners who are in growth mode has only gone up. 

Maybe you knew you wanted to grow your practice the day you accepted your first client. Or maybe you didn't. But here you are- looking for help to grow. So I created a very specific program to help you do just that. 
When you join, you’ll get 6 months of access to: 
  • Group coaching to fuel your growth
  • The full Grow Your Private Practice Curriculum specifically designed for those who want to go full-time
  • Time Saving Checklists so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel
  • A Digital Dashboard to get and keep your ducks in a row
  • Plug and Play Marketing Plans to boost your client base.
  •  A Private Facebook Community of growth-focused peers
  • 🎁Not only that-- you’ll get surprise gifts when you reach certain milestones.
This program was designed with the needs of the busy private practitioner in mind.

I know you don’t have extra time! Videos run 5-10 minutes long and come with a printable Checklist to implement the
income boosting tactic or marketing strategy as quickly as possible. Coaching calls happen twice a month and you can submit your questions in advance and/or catch the recorded replays.

You’ll also be joining a small cohort of SLP and OT private practice owners to bounce ideas off of, hold you accountable, get inspired by, and pop bottles of champagne with when success hits!

As a Grow Member, you can participate in our Case Study Program.

This is optional but recommended for members who want more Accountability. (over 75% of our students participate)

And you’ll be required to do more than sit and learn. You’ll need to implement each lesson and share your results. 

This isn’t a passive program- the goal is to consistently take action towards your personal private practice goals (and, of course, consistently celebrate each other’s wins 🥂)
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#Wins and #LevelUps from Our Members

Here are some of the results that our Founding Members have achieved in their first month in the program:
When you join Grow Your Private Practice, help you #LevelUp in the following ways: 

  Doubling or Tripling Your Caseload

  Raising Your Rates

✓  Getting Your First or Next Clinic Space

  Quitting Your Job & Transition to Full-Time Private Practice

  Replacing Your Salary

  Hiring Your First Team Member

  Earning Your First $100k in Revenue (then Profit!)

If you want help to #LevelUp your private practice, this Program is the next step for you.

Join the waitlist now so you can be considered for our next cohort of full-time SLP and OT private practice CEOs.

Enrollment is limited.

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I don’t want to pressure you to grow your practice if you’re not ready OR invest in a program that helps you significantly increase your earnings, save a ton of time, and avoid mistakes.

Because I’ll be completely transparent with you...

This program is an investment in yourself and your business.*

Grow was specifically created for private practitioners who want to get to the next level and don’t have time or money to waste making costly mistakes. This Program is for SLPs & OTs who understand the value of investing in Coaching Programs to shortcut and increase your level of success.
*Grow Your Private Practice is a tax deductible expense. As your practice grows, you should be setting aside money each year for business or clinically-based continuing education. Investing in business education first will allow you to afford more clinically based education. 

Why other private practice owners decided to join:

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