Everything You Need to Grow Your Private Practice 

So You Can Make More, Work Less And Live Your Private Practice Dreams


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Are You Struggling With Overwhelm as You Grow Your Practice?

Tired of Wearing All of The Hats?

You’re not alone.

You’re just in The Messy Middle.

Starting a private practice is much more straightforward than growing one because there are infinite ways to grow. 

Without a Strategic Private Practice Growth Plan, it’s hard to know where to focus. 

Since you’re probably stuck in the day to day of working IN your business with all of the treating, billing, marketing, insurance, documentation, scheduling, taxes, and more…. 

You haven’t had the time or energy to focus ON your growing business with intention or tracking, So no wonder you’re overwhelmed. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way.


Is This You?

You got into this field for the right reason:
to make a difference 
but you couldn’t make the impact you wanted to at your job.

So you started a private practice to have more freedom, flexibility and finances -
but now you’re busier than ever.

Growth doesn’t have to be so hard.

Plug and Play Money Making and Time Saving Growth Strategies to #LevelUp Your Private Practice and Your Life

 Create a Private Practice Growth Plan
Easy to Use Checklists to Make Growth Straightforward
 Time Saving Systems to Work Smarter
Maximize Your Private Practice Profit
 Plug and Play Practice Policies 


Curious How The Grow Your Private Practice Program can help you grow your practice without overwhelm?

Here’s How:

Your Current Situation:

with Grow Your Private Practice:

 Too busy to focus on the growth of your business

☓ Spinning your wheels and unsure what’s working and what isn’t

☓ Under-Earning and leaving money on the table

☓ Feeling overwhelmed and considering giving up

✓ Following a Private Practice Growth Plan with built in “CEO Time”

 Knowing exactly what to focus on at each stage of growth

✓ Earning a solid salary with a healthy profit

 Happy and content with your business

Your Current Situation

 Too busy to focus on the growth of your business

☓ Spinning your wheels and unsure what’s working and what isn’t

☓ Under-Earning and leaving money on the table

☓ Feeling overwhelmed and considering giving up

with Grow Your Private Practice

✓ Following a Private Practice Growth Plan with built in “CEO Time”

 Knowing exactly what to focus on at each stage of growth

✓ Earning a solid salary with a healthy profit

 Happy and content with your business

You’ll save time and money by following a Private Practice Growth Plan.

And you’ll have the peace of mind following a proven system for steady and sustainable growth.


First… You’ll Have a 1:1 Growth Planning Meeting  
to Review Your Custom Growth Plan 

Then… Using Your Strategic Private Practice Growth Plan, you’ll navigate the 5 Stages of Private Practice Growth:

Growing your private practice in a strategic way will allow you to make more and work less.

Here Are The Resources You Will Use To

Work Less and Make More:


**You will have access to ALL of these and will pick and choose which ones to implement to meet your personal, professional and financial goals.

Step #1: Fix Your Finances

Understand Your Numbers to Maximize Profitability and Decrease Financial Stress

 Resource #1: Know Your Numbers: Intro to KPIs
Gain financial clarity and business insights, empowering you to make data-driven decisions, track performance, set goals and optimize your private practice's success.

✔ Resource #2: Hourly Rate Increase Template and Training 
Stop under-earning! Confidently communicate a fair rate increase to earn what you’re worth and increase your private practice's profitability.

✔ Resource #3: How to Renegotiate Insurance Contracts
Unlock higher revenue potential for your practice by learning how to secure better terms and through strategic contract negotiations.

✔ Resource #4: Attendance Optimization: Effective Attendance Policies
Reduce client cancellations and no shows to boost revenue, client retention and cashflow.

Results of Fixing Your Finances from Growers

Step #2: Get More Clients

Create a Referral Engine to Grow Your Caseload Or Fill Your Team Members Caseloads with Plenty of Clients

 Resource #1: Google Ads Training
Master the art of Google Ads to drive targeted traffic, attract new clients, and grow your practice's online presence. Great for attracting telepractice clients!

✔ Resource #2: Get More Clients from Google Reviews
Positive reviews from former clients is one of the best ways to get new clients to hire you. Learn how to get more reviews to boost your reputation, search engine optimization and client acquisition - without being pushy.

 Resource #3: Social Media Marketing for Private Practitioners
Maximize your private practice's online presence as you learn how to harness the power of social media platforms for increased visibility, client engagement, and business growth without spending all day on social. Watch and use the training yourself or delegate social media management to your virtual assistant!

✔ Resource #4: 15 Point Website Audit
Enhance your website performance and optimize user experience to attract more clients to your private practice.

✔ Resource #5: SEO Checklist for Private Practitioners
Make sure ideal clients can find you! Boost your online visibility and drive more organic traffic by optimizing your website and content for higher search engine rankings.

✔ Resource #6: Maximize Your Marketing at Community Events
Unlock the potential of fairs and local events by attracting ideal clients to your booth while boosting your practices overall visibility and awareness in your local community.

✔ Resource #7: Outreach Planner & Referral Tracker
Streamline your outreach efforts, track referrals, and build strong referral relationships to help your private practice grow.

Results of Creating a Referral Engine from Growers

Step #3: Add Streams of Income

Earning Potential for Each Revenue Stream Is $5,000 to $100,000+ (Per Stream!)

Start With One… and then Stack Your Streams Until You Reach Your Impact and Income Goals

 Stream #1: School Contracts 101 Course (Includes Sample Contract & Invoice) 

✔ Stream #2: Summers Camps and Intensives Training

 Stream #3: How to Accept Scholarship Programs and Other Alternative Funding Sources

 Stream #4: How to Offer Caregiver Classes to Your Community

 Stream #5: How to Generate Referrals from Daycare and Preschool Screenings

✔ Stream #6: Paid Speaking Engagements

Stream #7: How to Write, Publish and Sell Your First Book

Coming Soon
✔ Stream #8: How to Earn Passive Income from Digital Products

✔ Stream #9: How to Offer Parent Coaching

 Stream #10: How to Become a Well Paid and Sought After Consultant

Streams of Income That Our Growers Have Created

 Step #4: Set Up Systems

It’s Time to Work Smarter, Not Harder By Setting Up Six Figure Systems in Your Business

 From Intake to Income
Use our step-by-step process to take you "from intake to income" to ensure organized and efficient new client onboarding, while also guaranteeing timely payment collection for services rendered.

✔ Policies and Procedures Training
Learn how to streamline your private practice policies and procedures, ensuring a structured and professional environment while fostering trust with clients and staff through clear expectations.

✔ Don’t Miss Task List for Private Practitioners 
Use our “To Do List” to effectively manage day-to-day operations, maintain consistency, and prevent any essential tasks from falling through the cracks.

 Insurance Verification Checklist
Use our step-by-step system to check your client's insurance benefits to verify coverage, prevent billing issues, and provide clarity to both the client and the practice.

✔ The Background Check Checklist 
Use our step-by-step system to conduct background checks to make informed hiring decisions and mitigate risks.

*Each System is Designed to Save Between 1 - 40+ Hours Per Week

Systems That Our Growers Have Set Up to Work Smarter

Step #5: Hire a Team

Everything You Need to Hire a Terrific Team And Let THEM Grow Your Practice

 Done for You Hiring Guides and Sample Employment Contracts
Simplify the hiring process with our resources to learn who and how to hire. These resources will help you save time and ensure legal compliance for your business.

 Everything You Need to Find, Train and Retain Employees & Contractors

  • Job Interview Questions 
  • Job Applicant Tracking Dashboard
  • Employee Hiring and Onboarding Checklist
  • Contractor Hiring and Onboarding Checklists 

 How to Create an Employee Handbook (Training)
A comprehensive training to help you understand the process of creating an Employee Handbook that ensures clarity, consistency, and compliance in your workplace.

✔ How to Hire a Billing Company
Maximize your practice's revenue by collecting the money you’re earning with a billing company that you trust. Someone has to do the billing - but it doesn’t have to be you!

 How to Hire and Delegate to Virtual Assistants 
Get out of “the day to day” by delegating repetitive or lower-level tasks (ex. Billing, social media, scheduling, etc.) to local or virtual assistants so you can focus on delivering exceptional patient care.

✔ Non-Financial Benefits You Can Offer Employees
You don’t have to give health insurance, paid leave, CEU credits, etc. until your company is larger. There are creative, non-financial benefits that are free for you and valuable to employees.

New Hires that Growers Have Brought On


And You Get Our Time-Saving Checklists

To Use Now and For Years to Come

Say No More, I’m In!


How Does The Grow Program Work?

When you join The Grow Your Private Practice Program, you’ll start working through each stage of private practice growth at your own pace as you learn how to earn more, work less and thrive in private practice.

1. Individual Meeting to Complete Your Growth Plan

2. Use the Resources Now and For Years To Come

3. Join the $100K Club and Beyond

Growers Who Recently Joined “The $100k Club”

When You Join Today You’ll Also Get 6 Months Access to Coaching and Community for FREE:

Bonus #1: Monthly Growth Secrets Call with Coaches and/or Guest Experts

Every month, one of the Growth Coaches will lead a training and discussion on a private practice growth strategy. 

Find out what’s working for experienced private practitioners. 

Value: Priceless

Bonus #2: Weekly Office Hours with Growth Coaches

Weekly* office hours with your Growth Coaches to get your 1:1 questions answered. Drop in, ask your questions and implement!

(*Office hours does not occur the week of the Monthly Growth Secrets Call)

Value: Priceless

Bonus #3: Quarterly Growth Planning Sessions 

Quarterly meetings with Jena and your fellow Growers to revisit and revise your Growth Plan to help keep you on track to meet your goals.

Value: Priceless

Bonus #4: Community of Peers for Support & Networking 

Be With Other Growth-Focused Private Practitioners Who Are Beyond the Beginner Level 

It’s Time to Surround Yourself with People Who Have Done The Things That You Want to Do vs. Staying with The Beginners

Value: Priceless

But Wait… You Also Get Additional Bonuses!

I believe in over-delivering, so you’re also going to get 

Unlimited access to these amazing bonuses:

Bonus #5: Digital Dashboard for Private Practitioners 

Use your Private Practice Digital Dashboard to calculate and visualize your private practice numbers and projections to make sure your growth is on target.

Bonus #6: Profit First for Private Practitioners Training

Need more profit in your practice? It’s time to put Profit First! Learn how to set up your business and personal bank accounts according to the Profit First methodology (made famous in Mike Michaelowisc’s book) but designed for private practitioners. 

Bonus #7: Private Practice Marketing Funnels

Turn website visitors into clients by offering lead magnets, collecting emails and nurturing prospective clients until they hire you.

Bonus #8: 2 Free Months of Simple Practice

Having an EMR will help you save time and make money. Sign up for a two month free trial of Simple Practice and save $200. Includes a free 1:1 onboarding call with the Simple Practice Team!

Bonus #9: $100 Off The Private Practice Clinic Forms

As you grow, let’s make sure you have solid legal protection in place. When you join Grow, you’ll be presented with an opportunity to save $100 off The Private Practice Clinic Forms.

Bonus #10: Build Your Grow Binder 

Want to keep all of your Grow Your Private Practice resources in ONE place to use now… and for years to come? Print everything our and use our Grow Binder Cover and Spine Templates to keep all of your Grow resources on your shelf for easy and ongoing access.

Get Immediate Access to Everything

Here’s Everything You Get:

 Grow Your Private Practice Curriculum

Custom Private Practice Growth Plan

Bonus #1: Monthly Growth Secrets Call 

Bonus #2: Weekly Office Hours 

Bonus #3: Quarterly Group Growth Planning Sessions 

Bonus #4: Community of Peers for Support & Networking 

Bonus #5: Digital Dashboards

Bonus #6: Profit First for Private Practitioners Training

Bonus #7: Google Ads and Google Reviews Trainings

Bonus #8: 2 Free Months of Simple Practice

Bonus #9: $100 Off The Private Practice Clinic Forms

Bonus #10: Welcome Gift Sent To Your House

Total Value: $24,997

Today for Just $2,497 

Payment Plans as Low as $87/Month Available


Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s Continue Your Journey - Together

I personally cannot wait to watch you transform your practice and your life over the next 6 months.

Growing my business to the next level had a profound effect on my ability to increase my income and my impact. 

I’ve experienced first hand what it feels like to transition from wearing all of the hats and feeling like I was spinning my wheels and going nowhere to having a legitimate company with systems and team members to support me, so I can do my best work. 

More than anything else, I want that for you too. 

If you’re a private practitioner who wants to help more people and know that there are people in your community who are stuck on waitlists (maybe even YOUR waitlist)  you owe it to yourself to at least take a risk-free plunge to start to grow your practice - the smart way.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that these next 6 months will be completely and utterly life changing for you, your family and your community.

I look forward to helping you grow your private practice!


Yes, I Want Immediate Access

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