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Join the Exclusive Coaching Program and Online Community for Private Practitioners
Grow Your Private Practice is a Coaching Program for Private Practitioners Who Are Looking to Grow Existing Practices
Beginners should check out The Start Your Private Practice Program 
If you're a private practitioner who wants to get more clients, hire wisely, get more organized, etc. than Grow Your Private Practice is the solution you've been searching for. 

Grow Your Private Practice is the most efficient and supportive way to #LevelUp your private practice in terms of: 
  • Marketing
  • Finances 
  • Practice Management 
  •  Hiring
  •  Insurance
Do You Struggle With:
  •  Staying focused and prioritizing what to focus on in your business
  •  Getting organized and developing systems to streamline aspects of your practice
  •  Developing the business skills you need to run a successful private practice 
  •  Worrying about how to stand out amongst the competition in your area
  •  Wondering how to hire excellent therapists and support staff
  •  Loneliness and worrying if you're making the right decisions for yourself and your business
  •  Finding effective marketing strategies that don't cost a fortune
  •  Struggling with self-confidence as a business owner
Will Coaching Help You 
Grow Your Private Practice?  
First, congratulations on starting your private practice. 

You have made a smart choice to take your professional and personal future into your own hands.

You started your private practice because you wanted more freedom, flexibility and a higher income than you can get at a "regular job."

But let me ask you a question...

How would you like to get direct help and coaching from established private practitioners? 

Private practitioners with different types of thriving practices all over the country?

How would you like to get access to private AND group coaching as well as private practice resources created by the coaches?

This program is NOT for everyone.

The Grow Your Private Practice Coaching is only for people with existing private practices who are looking to #LevelUp their practices this year. 
Join Grow Your Private Practice Coaching
and #LevelUp Your Private Practice!
Here's What You Get and More...
  •  Coaching Calls 
  •  Access Pass to Resource Library
  •  Tools and Calculators
  •  Access to the Member Community
  •  Special Deals & Discounts
*All calls are recorded
Benefit #1: Live Coaching Calls / Trainings*
Twice each month, you'll be invited to get live Coaching and attend Trainings led by Jena and/or the Mentors.

Topics may include:
  •  Marketing Strategies
  •  Hiring Fantastic Contractors/Employees
  •  Insurance Issues
  •  Money Mindset
  •  Member-Suggested Topics
Benefit #2: All Access Pass to the Private Practice Resource Library
32+ Step-by-Step Resources Including:
  •  How to Make Your Private Practice Stand Out Without Being Pushy
  •  How to Track Private Practice Referrals
  •  Get Listed: Directories and Review Sites to Get Found Online
  •  Recommended Business Books for Private Practitioners
  •  and more!
Get Your 24/7 Access Pass
Benefit #3: Tools and Financial Calculators
Everyone loves a good time-saving tool, financial calculator or checklist.

Get Immediate Access to:
  •  Overhead Calculator
  •  Client Lifetime Value Calculator
  •  Salary Calculators
  •  Physician Order Form (for faxing)
  •  and more!
Benefit #4: Access to the Member Community
Surround yourself with like-minded people!

Interact with a fantastic group of knowledgable, friendly and collaborative private practitioners from across the US (and even around the world!)

Jena and the Mentors are also in the group to provide advice, suggestions and insights.

This is also a great place to find your own accountability partners!
Benefit #5: Deals and Discounts
Save money on tried and true services and product that members in our community LOVE.

Get a list of recommended products and associated discounts (when available!)
  •  Simple Practice (Electronic Medical Record)
  •  Deposit Photos (Stock Photos)
  •  Medbridge (CEUs)
  •  Custom SEO Reports
  •  and more!
Benefit #6: Accountability Challenges
Everyone needs a little challenge to take action.

Each month, there will be a brief training followed by an Accountability Challenge (with steps included!) to improve one aspect of your private practice.

Examples of previous / upcoming Accountability Challenges:
  •  Create a Viral Video
  •  Blog Post Challenge
  •  Add Passive Income Streams
  •  Update Your About Page
  •  Introduction/Elevator Pitch
  •  and more!
Get moving and earn prizes! (ex. $25 Amazon cards)
Join Grow Your Private Practice Coaching
Due to the nature of this coaching program, there are only a limited number of new spots per month. 
New spots will be *only* open periodically. If you want in, join us now.
Meet The Mentors!
Attend LIVE Coaching Calls and Trainings Led by These Successful Private Practitioners
Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-SLP
Income Streams
Money Mindset
Shanell Latta, 
Multi-Dis Practices
Brick and Mortars
Laura Powell 
Team Building
Brick and Mortars
Difficult Situations
Rebecca Ingram Rowe MA CCC-SLP
Private Pay
Creating Systems
Getting Paid
Join Today and Get The Following 
Bonuses for $1,385 FREE
$497 Value - Yours FREE
Bonus #1: Websites That Work
It's 2019.

You need a website for your private practice.

Shanell and I will show you how to create a fantastic website that doesn't take a ton of time or money.
  •  Branding for Private Practitioners
  •  Website Design
  •  SEO Made Simple
  •  Bonus: Create Gorgeous Graphics Using Free Tools
Recorded Training by Shanell Latta, MS CCC-SLP 
and Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-SLP
Bonus #2: How to Obtain Contracts 
with Public & Private Schools
One of the best ways to grow your private practice is to obtain contracts with public and private schools. Whether you want to provide direct service or serve as a consultant, this is an excellent way to boost your income without increasing your overhead. 

Includes Two BIG Bonuses:
1. Example Memorandum of Understanding (example MOU word doc)
2. Same Invoice for Schools (the excel document)
Contributed by Shanell Latta, MS CCC-SLP
$397 Value - Yours FREE
$197 Value - Yours FREE
Bonus #3: How to Become a Medicaid Provider
Want to start accepting Medicaid but aren't sure how to get started...?
Just follow these quick and easy steps, as outlined by Mentor, Rebecca Ingram Rowe. Just follow the steps and #levelup your private practice by becoming a Medicaid provider!

Remember that Medicaid regulations and processes vary from state to state.This is a general guideline to follow. If you have any state-specific questions OR if any of the steps appear differently in the application, please contact the Department of Health and Human Services in your state.
Contributed by Rebecca Ingram Rowe, MA CCC-SLP
Bonus #4: When and Whom to Hire: Independent Contractors vs. Employees
Need help?

Who should you hire: an independent contractor or an employee...?

The purpose of this guide is to help you make decisions regarding hiring therapists, office managers and/or office assistants. 
Contributed by Laura Powell, MS CCC-SLP
$97 Value - Yours FREE
$197 Value - Yours FREE
Bonus #5: The Insurance Provider Checklist
One of the biggest decisions that private practitioners have to make is whether or not to become insurance providers. 

Believe it or not, the process of dealing with insurance is one of the major hurdles that stops private practitioners from taking action.

Have an insurance client? Worried about forgetting something or missing an important step? 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of the steps you need to complete from start to finish. 
Contributed by Genesis Neumann, Insurance Specialist
If You Need Help...
It's Time To Join Us!
Join The Grow Your
Private Practice Coaching Program
  •  2 Coaching Calls Per Month - So You Can Get the Support You Need
  • All Access Pass to Private Practice Resources - So That You Can Follow Step-By-Step Action Plans
  •  24/7 Access to the Private Facebook Group - So That You Can Get Ongoing Support from Mentors and Peers 
  •  Accountability Challenges - So That You Can Keep Moving Forward and Get Unstuck
  •  Deals, Discounts and Recommended Services - So That You Can Save Money and Time By Only Using The Best Resources
Regularly $97/Month
Today Just - $49/Month
If You Join Before December 31st...
No contract. Cancel Anytime.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know if I'm ready for this program?
You're ready the second you DECIDE to be ready. 

Do you have a private practice? Do you want to grow it? Let's go...!
Can private practice beginners join?

This program is intended for private practitioners with existing practices.

If you're in the beginning or launch phases of private practice, check out Start Your Successful Private Practice.
Is this the same as The Private Practice Solution?
Yes and no.

The Private Practice Solution was rebranded/renamed to Grow Your Private Practice in late 2018.

Grow Your Private Practice is more focused on coaching than The Private Practice Solution was.
Is this membership tax deductible?

Save your receipt and deduct this from your taxes.
Will I get 1:1 time with Jena?
No. You don't need alone time with me to get results. Waiting to get on a 1:1 call with me will just slow you down.

There is a TON of interaction in the Facebook Group. Between group members and the Mentors, you'll get the help you need.
What is the cancellation policy?
Your membership is month to month and can cancel at anytime. No hassles, no hard feelings.
Why is membership only $49/month?
Membership is only $49/month for original members of The Private Practice Solution.

When Grow Your Private Practice launches to new members on January 1st, 2019, it will initially be $67 before climbing to $99+/month.

This price low price for TPPS reflects Jena's commitment to her original supporters.
Join Grow Your Private Practice Coaching
Due to the nature of this coaching program, there are only a limited number of new spots per month. 
New spots will be *only* open periodically. If you want in, join us now.
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