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Hear Success Stories Featuring Growth-Level Private Practitioners

Click below to access to a curated private playlist of private practitioners focused on expanding their income, hiring, marketing, setting up systems and more.

 For private practitioners who have at least 5 clients and want to grow to six-figures in the next 12 months




"Successful private practices don't grow themselves."

Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-SLP 
Creator, The Grow Your Private Practice Program

I teach private practitioners how to start, grow and scale successful private practices. If you have an established practice that you're looking to grow, chances are, you're overwhelmed.

Starting a private practice is much easier than growing one and most growth-focused private practitioners find themselves in "The Messy Middle." If you find yourself worrying about referrals, finances, scheduling, hiring and more, I can help you get through The Messy Middle.

The next step in your private practice journey is to create a steady and sustainable private practice without running yourself into the ground, which I can help you do inside of The Grow Your Private Practice Program.

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