How to Obtain Contracts with Public and Private Schools
One of the best ways to grow your private practice is to obtain contracts with public and private schools. 

Whether you want to provide direct service or serve as a consultant, this is an excellent way to boost your income without increasing your overhead. 
Public Schools
Private Schools
Charter Schools
Day Cares
What Is "How to Obtain Contracts With Schools"?
Walks You Through The Process
Shanell Latta has many contracts with schools in her area and shares the "ins and outs" of getting contracts with private, public, charter schools (and even day cares!)
Add Income To Your Existing Practice
It's always a good idea to focus on increasing AND diversifying private practice income. This is a great way to do it!
Shanell Latta, MS CCC-SLP
Big Sky Therapy Associates
Presenter: Shanell Latta, SLP and 
Grow Your Private Practice Mentor
Shanell is co-owner and director of Big Sky Therapy Associates. She is a state-licensed, board-certified (American Speech Language Hearing Association) speech language pathologist. She earned her Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology from The University of Montana in 2014. She worked as a school-based SLP before moving into private practice in 2016. 

Shanell's experience is with a variety of disorders and age levels. She also enjoys consulting on children with challenging behaviors in the school setting. 

Shanell is a Mentor in the Grow Your Private Practice Coaching Program.

What's Inside "How to Obtain Contracts With 
Public and Private Schools"?
7 Tips for Getting Contracts
Sample Invoice
Sample Memorandum of Understanding
Been Looking for This Information?
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This is a Great Opportunity to Add Additional Income Per Contract
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How to Obtain Contracts With Public and Private School NOW
"My Area Couldn't Support Private Pay.
So I Pivoted to and Moved Into Getting School Contracts"
- Shanell Latta, SLP
Includes The Following Bonuses:
Bonus #1:
Sample Memorandum of Understanding
  •  Fully Customizable and Editable Word Document
  •  Add Your Private Practice Logo
  •  Includes Clearly Outlined Obligations of the School District and Private Practice
  •  Includes Terms for: Service, Termination of Contract, Method of Payment, Confidentiality of Student Information
  •  Looks Professional
  •  Can Be Used with Multiple School Districts
Bonus #2:
Sample Invoice for Schools
  •  Fully Customizable and Editable Excel Spreadsheet
  •  Add Your Private Practice Logo
  •  Automatically Calculates Your Invoice Items
  •  Looks Professional
  •  Can Be Used with Multiple School Districts
Bonus #3:
Editable Promotional Materials
  •  Present Your Private Practice Offerings to Schools
  •  Add Your Private Practice Logo / Colors
  •  Include a List of Your Offerings
  •  Looks Professional
  •  Editable In Canva (free DIY graphics site)
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Get INSTANT Access To 
How to Obtain Contracts With Public and Private School NOW
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