How to Grow Your Private Practice With
Paid Presentations
Even If You Don't Know Where to Start
Courtney Caruso, MS CCC-SLP of Liberty Speech Associates
Your Presenter
Courtney Caruso, M.S., CCC-SLP, is a bilingual (English/Spanish) speech-language pathologist and the owner and founder of Liberty Speech Associates LLC. She offers in-home speech therapy services for children and adults and professional development/consulting for community partners. 

Her main mission is to help monolingual and multilingual children and adults develop communication independence during everyday routines and strive to improve the quality of speech and language services provided to children and adults from different cultural backgrounds and/or who speak languages other than English. 

Courtney routinely gives (paid) presentations at daycares/ preschools, school districts, conferences (SLP and teacher).

She is an active Member of Grow Your Private Practice.

Here's What Courtney Covers:
 How to Market your Presentations (and Make Sure People Understand the Value of Your Expertise!)
 How to Determine your Rate (So That You Are Fairly Compensated For Your Time)
 How to Structure the Presentation (For Maximum Impact)
 How to Give Presentations Even If You're Shy and Nervous About What to Say
 The Task She Paid a Contractor $30 for that has Turned into Over $10,000 in Paid Speaking Gigs
 Sample Post-Presentation Satisfaction Survey (to Improve Next Time You Give That Presentation!)
 Sample Ideas of What to Talk About (Pick Topics You Love and That Others Will Find Interesting and Beneficial)
 ...And More!
"SLPs often worry about being pushy when it comes to marketing. 

I always recommend that people "lead with education" - which is what Courtney is doing"
- Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-SLP
Here's Why This Works:
  It's Allowed Courtney to Become the Go-To Person in her Niche 
  It Helps Plant Seeds That Can Lead to Word of Mouth Referrals
  She Serves Her Community by Providing Important Information
  And... Courtney Gets Paid $200+ Per Hour Per Presentation 
Paid Presentation Training
Lifetime Access to The Paid Presentation Training 
+ Plus 20 Topic Ideas
"One of my first paid presentations was on Speech and Language Milestones.

The next day, I got 7 referrals.

THAT is what is possible when you start booking presentations."
- Courtney Caruso, MS CCC-SLP
What Is It?
A LIVE training all about the ins and outs of doing paid presentations in your local community (and getting paid for them).
Who is it for?
SLPs who aren't getting enough referrals and know that they need more awareness of their practice in their community to build word of mouth marketing.
How Does It Work?
After you purchase, you'll be prompted to register for the live training. If you're unable to attend, you'll get access to the replay.
Join Today and Get These Bonuses for $1,385 FREE

Bonus #1: Websites That Work  
($497 Value - Yours FREE)

It's 2019.

You need a website for your private practice.

Shanell and I will show you how to create a fantastic website that doesn't take a ton of time or money.
- Branding for Private Practitioners
- Website Design
- SEO Made Simple
Bonus: Create Gorgeous Graphics Using Free Tools

How to Obtain Contracts with Public & Private Schools 
($397 Value - Yours FREE)

One of the best ways to grow your private practice is to obtain contracts with public and private schools. Whether you want to provide direct service or serve as a consultant, this is an excellent way to boost your income without increasing your overhead. 

Includes Two BIG Bonuses:
1. Example Memorandum of Understanding (example MOU word doc)
2. Same Invoice for Schools (the excel document)

How to Become a Medicaid Provider 
($197 Value - Yours FREE)

Want to start accepting Medicaid but aren't sure how to get started...?
Just follow these quick and easy steps, as outlined by Mentor, Rebecca Ingram Rowe. Just follow the steps and #levelup your private practice by becoming a Medicaid provider!

Remember that Medicaid regulations and processes vary from state to state.This is a general guideline to follow. If you have any state-specific questions OR if any of the steps appear differently in the application, please contact the Department of Health and Human Services in your state.

When and Whom to Hire: Independent Contractors vs. Employees
($97 Value - Yours FREE)

Need help?

Who should you hire: an independent contractor or an employee...?

The purpose of this guide is to help you make decisions regarding hiring therapists, office managers and/or office assistants. 

BONUS: Interview with Amanda Tompkins 

The Insurance Provider Checklist
$197 Value - Yours FREE

One of the biggest decisions that private practitioners have to make is whether or not to become insurance providers. 

Believe it or not, the process of dealing with insurance is one of the major hurdles that stops private practitioners from taking action.

Have an insurance client? Worried about forgetting something or missing an important step? 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of the steps you need to complete from start to finish. 
Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

Jessie Ginsburg, MS CCC-SLP of Pediatric Therapy Playhouse

"Grow Your Private Practice has motivated me to try new marketing ideas, there is 24/7 collaboration and support from group members, the mentors provide free, helpful information constantly, and Jena is very quick to respond to any and all questions! 

I am so excited about all aspects of the business now that I will spend my free time “working” on business development- but the “working” doesn’t feel like work!"

Lauren Meglen, MS CCC-SLP of Owl Therapy Services

"I know without a doubt I wouldn’t have had the confidence to start taking insurance if it wasn’t for this group and Jena. That was a complete and total game changer. I went from maybe $500 a month to over $5000 a month."

Analicia Lucas, M.S. CCC-SLP of Lake Murray Speech & Language

"Since starting with Jena and her programs, I have been able to go from having no idea how to start a private practice to owning a practice in San Diego, California, marketing my services, having a steady caseload of 30 private clients, hiring an employee, and billing insurance successfully."
The Insurance 101 Training
Due to the nature of this Coaching Program, there are only a limited number of new spots for new clients per month. 
New spots will be *only* open periodically. 
If you want in, join us now.
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