Regroup, Rebuild and Reinvent Your Private Practice With Support
Your Private Practice CAN and WILL Come Back from This Coronavirus Crisis 
... But You Can't Do It Alone
In The Grow Your Private Practice Community, You Will Get An Opportunity to:
Grow Your Private Practice to Your Desired Level
 Interact With Like-Minded Private Practitioners
Get Clarity on Where to Focus Your Efforts
Participate in Accountability Challenges
Get Support from The Community
Create Time-Saving Systems
What Is Grow Your Private Practice?
Level 2
Mid Level
Existing Practice
Grow Your Practice
Build in Accountability
Monthly Subscription
What Is It?
The Grow Your Private Practice Community is for established private practitioners to get support, network, collaborate, commiserate and connect with like-minded business owners. 
How Does It Work?
As a member, you'll get 24/7 access to the private Facebook Community where you can interact with the other members and participate in Virtual Meet Ups, Quarterly Business Book Club meetings, Accountability Challenges and More.
Who is it for?
Grow Your Private Practice is for speech-language pathologists with existing private practices who want help with marketing, creating systems, increasing revenue and work/life balance.
When Does It Start?
Because Grow Your Private Practice is membership program, you'll get access to the community as soon  as you enroll. 

You will also get access to discounts on other Independent Clinician resources. 
Where does it happen?
The Grow Your Private Practice Community exists primary in an exclusive Facebook group. If you're not on Facebook, this won't work for you.  
Why Does It Exist?
We created Grow Your Private Practice because most established private practitioners need on-going support around scaling, hiring/managing a team and making things predictable, consistent and systemized.
Our Members Are:

😍 Incredibly generous with sharing information and support with fellow members

😎 Growth-Level private practitioners who are focusing on hiring, streamlining systems, acquiring clinic space, etc.

🤠 Action takers who are fully committed to growing their practices and being smart about how they do it

😁 Creating an impact on their communities by providing excellent single and multi-disciplinary services

🤑 Doubling and even tripling their revenue by working smarter and not harder

🤓 Getting access to Business Book Club Meetings, Accountability Challenges and more! 

Our Members are NOT:
❌ Competitive
❌ Complainers
❌ Debbie Downers / Negative Nancy’s

"We have quadrupled our monthly revenue and I have Jena and the whole group at Grow Your Private Practice to thank for that. So, I can't encourage you enough to take the leap and join our group."

Becky Spence, SLP

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"if you're interested in gaining some support and some guidance and knowledge, invest in yourself. This is an amazing opportunity. 
You won't be disappointed."

Amanda Townsend, SLP

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There Are THREE Things You Need to #LevelUp Your Private Practice
Increase Income
Hire a Great Team
Create Systems

... And the Secret Ingredient Is:

Jena with Grow Members 
at ASHA 2018
You Need Community
Private practice can be lonely - but it doesn't have to be!

We are a group of growth-level private practitioners who don't just want to grow our own private practices, but are invested in helping each other #LevelUpTogether

Between the (very) active Facebook group, impromptu Virtual Meetings in "The Virtual Lounge" and in person meet-ups at SLP events, you're in good company!

This is also a great place to find your own accountability partners.

*We do not tolerate negativity, competitiveness or know-it-alls
The vast majority of interactions happen in our Members Only Facebook Group. If you're not on Facebook, this isn't the right group for you.

"Through Grow Your Private Practice I became more confident and decided to bite the bullet and accept insurance."

Courtney Caruso, SLP

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"Since I joined, I have almost doubled my caseload. Anytime I have a question, the first place I go is the Grow Your Private Practice Facebook Group.

Theresa Harp, SLP

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Join Today and Get These Bonuses for $2,485 FREE

Bonus #1: The Private Practice To Do List
($397 Value - FREE with Membership)

Want to streamline your tasks and make sure you don't overlook something important...?

Now you can know exactly what tasks you should be doing daily, weekly and monthly to stay on top of things in your private practice.

This checklist will save you a ton of time and set you up for success.

This document was created BY Grow Your Private Practice Members FOR our members.

Bonus #2: Discounts on Resources from The Independent Clinician
($997 Value - SAVE with Membership)

Get exclusive, members-only coupon codes to save on video trainings and resources such as: 

Marketing Resources: Marketing to Doctors - Made Easy, The Private Practice Social Media Calendar, SEO Audit, Private Practice, Websites That Work, Grow Your Private Practice with Paid Presentations

Financial Resources: Insurance 101, Small Business Accounting Basics*

School Contracts and Hiring
School Contracts Simplified, Hiring 101 

Buy only what you need - and save!

Bonus #3: Accountability Challenges
($397 Value - Yours FREE)

Grow Your Private Practice Members are ACTION TAKERS - but even they need a little push sometimes :-) 

Stop procrastinating and get things done by participating in quarterly marketing challenges to boost revenue.

Bonus #4: Quarterly Business Book Club
($397 Value - FREE with Membership)

Don't have a business background? Most private practitioners don't either.

Once a quarter we vote on a business book, read it and discuss how to apply the information directly to our private practices.

It's time to #LevelUp your business education.... with friends.

Previous Books: Free to Focus, You're a Badass at Making Money, Building a Story Brand, Do Less
Plus Get Access to...
Bonus #5: $597    Value Free With Membership
The "Lounge"
Virtual Meeting Space
The Member Directory
Referral and Networking Opportunities

Ongoing Access to Ben Todys, MS
An Insurance / Billing / Compliance Specialist 
(Priceless - FREE with Membership)

Whether you take insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or are private pay only, you likely have questions about:
+ Billing and Coding
+ Superbills
+ Negotiating Rates
+ HIPAA Compliance
+ Compliance Issues
+ and more!

Ben eats, sleeps and breathes billing and coding so you don’t have to! Have questions about financial matters? Tag him in the Member Only Group.
More Reviews From Our Members

Jessie Ginsburg, MS CCC-SLP of Pediatric Therapy Playhouse

"Grow Your Private Practice has motivated me to try new marketing ideas, there is 24/7 collaboration and support from group members, the mentors provide free, helpful information constantly, and Jena is very quick to respond to any and all questions! 

I am so excited about all aspects of the business now that I will spend my free time “working” on business development- but the “working” doesn’t feel like work!"

Lauren Meglen, MS CCC-SLP of Owl Therapy Services

"I know without a doubt I wouldn’t have had the confidence to start taking insurance if it wasn’t for this group and Jena. That was a complete and total game changer. I went from maybe $500 a month to over $5000 a month."

Analicia Lucas, M.S. CCC-SLP of Lake Murray Speech & Language

"Since starting with Jena and her programs, I have been able to go from having no idea how to start a private practice to owning a practice in San Diego, California, marketing my services, having a steady caseload of 30 private clients, hiring an employee, and billing insurance successfully."
Hi there!
I’m thrilled to invite you into The Grow Your Private Practice Community for established private practitioners.

Whether you need help with practice management, marketing, hiring, streamlining your business, finances, insurance and more, we’re here to help turn your dream into a profitable reality.

After successfully helping thousands of SLPs start and grow their private practices, my deepest hope is that we’ll be able to help you do the same.

With love & appreciation,

What Can Grow Your Private Practice Do For You?
Build Supportive Relationships
Get The Right Things Done
Networking Without Local Competition
Bounce Ideas of Like-Minded Members
Due to the nature of this program, there are only a limited number of new spots for new members per month. 

New spots will be *only* open periodically. 

If you want in, join us now.
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